Embracing All of You

A workshop for Transforming Your relationship with Yourself

This day-long workshop is presented by Zenhorse, co-facilitated by Kit Maxwell, Shannon Buescher, Neckah Reed and the herd.

Come spend a day exploring and appreciating all the parts of yourself that make you who you are.


Saturday, July 17th, 2022
$300, lunch included


Blue Sage Ranch
3453 Highway T
Marthasville, MO 63357

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With Shannon’s support, experience that our bodies are incredible, magnificent vessels. When you begin to turn in and tune into your body for counsel, direction, and healing, you create an entirely different relationship with your body. Her hope is to help you awaken to all the treasures your body holds for you. The resource, the restoration, the discovery that lives inside of you.  Through somatic experiencing activities (breathing, sound, movement, awareness) you will be guided to find more safety and power within you. You will discover a more safety and power within you. You will discover a new way of being with self and find that there can be companionship with your body.

Through guidance from Beckah, participants discover how to access subtle energy in themselves, finding relaxation, rejuvenation and the opportunity for balance. Minimal physical movement, qigong breath, color, and lush visualizations are combined in the exploration of particular energy centers in the body, promoting an awareness of sensations. Through awareness, one is better able to manifest wholeness.

Be present with the horses under Kit’s guidance as you explore your relationship with yourself and your inner parts. The horses are remarkable in their ability to give clear, direct biofeedback that mirrors our own inner dialogue and enables us to deepen our self-awareness. Feel the healing power of the horses, their compassion and support as you connect with your own inner wisdom, empowerment and harmony.

Zenhorse is a nonprofit organization creating healing experiences for horses and humans. Our focus is on supporting women in reconnecting to their authenticity, empowerment, confidence and joy.

Zenhorse also aims to heal horses through these experiences, particularly America’s mustangs born in the wild.

Working together for mutual healing is magic.

Beckah Reed has been working with Subtle Energy (ie: Reiki, Qigong, Hun Yuan Taiji…) towards integration of body, mind, and spirit for groups and individuals for over two decades. Subtle Energy forms our thoughts, our physical manifestations; it assists us in manifesting wholeness. Beckah spent most of her life performing, teaching and choreographing dance, with the ‘dance of energy’ being her primary passion now.

Shannon Buescher is a Somatic Intuitive Dietitian. She has been helping people that have struggled with constant or yo-yo dieting, weight cycling, disordered eating and eating disorders find peace with food and their body for almost twenty years. She has a private practice, Awakened Body, that specializes in Somatic Experiencing and Intuitive Eating.

Kit Maxwell is the founder of Zenhorse. She is a licensed therapist, a certified Equus Coaching Master Facilitator, and a certified life coach. Kit grew up with horses, and there is nothing she loves more than partnering with these amazing beings to support you in accessing your own internal wisdom. Together you will identify what holds you back from showing up as your most authentic self and to do that inner work that will bring about the transformation you seek.

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