When it comes to meditation, there can be a million blocks that can stand in the way. Time, thoughts racing, how do you do it? These were some of the things that held me back from incorporating meditation into a daily practice. But then about two years ago, I found a rhythm. I found a simple guided meditation that was six minutes long and I committed to myself that I would do it everyday and see what would happen. I could handle six minutes! Let me tell you, everyday was not this blissful zen moment. Did I have those, yes and they are amazing. But I also had days where my thoughts were racing and the meditation would end and I would think, “Wait, it’s over? Where was I?” This is all a part of the practice of meditating.

The meditation I am sharing with you is a Body Love Meditation from Gabby Bernstein. She is the one who helped me fine the simplicity of the pracice of meditating. I put some of my language within it and I hope that it can resonate with you. Thoughts with how you see your body may be one the biggest challenges you face. It’s pretty hard not to have body image issues with the society we live in! But what I can tell you, what I know, is that when you practice stillness, when you practice just be-ing, there are amazing shifts that can happen. Love may feel like too strong of a word to use with your body. This is why I also included the words respect and appreciation. Getting to a place of peace with your body truly takes time, with a whole lot of compassion and curiosity. Curiousity to see what can happpen with shifting your perception. Curiosity with how you can feel when start talking differently to and about your body. Curiousity to what will unfold, when you give yourself the gift of you.

I encourage you to try this mediation for 30-40 days. If you already have a meditation practice, find another time to insert this in your day. I purposely kept to five minutes, so time can’t be a barrier. Try this first thing in the am if you are looking to start a mediation practice or when you are really struggling with body image and having “one of those days/weeks/months/years.” It can be a self-care tool to pull out.

I’d love to hear how this is for you. So drop a comment or send me a message and let me know!! Click below to listen!

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