This beautiful little girl changed the course of my life forever. Not just in the obvious way of her being a COMPLETE surprise and jumping to 4 kids. But she is the one who taught me to trust. Trust that God always has a bigger plan than what you think. We don’t always have the control that we think we do. This helped me find a place of self-compassion, of love and peace within myself that I did not have before. All the things I tried to control- my relationships, how I saw my career, my body, my kids, my body after kids! It all changed. This is when I found yoga. I racked the weights and found the mat. I found meditation. I found God. I found me.

During my pregnancy with CeCe, is when I went through the certification to become an Intuitive Eating dietitian. I was drawn to trusting intuition. As women, it is innate. It is what we were given. Look at how we just have a knowing with our kids! We have the same ability to guide ourselves! It’s just that we have so many messages that make us mistrust it. Mistrust that all those signals and cues don’t work.

I trust that all my struggles have been for a reason. I can see what I have learned and how my story helps others heal. Listening to yourself, to your body-that is where your truth lies. No one knows what is best for you and your body more than you! Trust that. Trust that when you find self-compassion, you find a whole other way of living and being. And sometimes it takes a little miracle to teach you that.❤️

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